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Durham has earned a reputation as “The Startup Hub of the South.” In that spirit, the American Tobacco Campus now invites entrepreneurs and customers to try out new consumer concepts on a revolving schedule in two prime retail spots. It’s not just a series of popups, it’s an ongoing adventure.


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PopUp @ American Tobacco

The PopUp @ American Tobacco experiences are located in the Diamond View III building at 359 Blackwell Street, smack in between Durham Bulls Athletic Park, the Durham Performings Arts Center, Aloft Durham Downtown and the American Tobacco Campus with its many business and residential tenants, and just a short walk from the American Underground startup hub and Main Street downtown.


For Visitors

The hours of operation for PopUp @ American Tobacco may be slightly different for each concept. Click here for the latest information.

Parking is easy and plentiful at American Tobacco. Get details here. And while you’re at the campus, consider checking out these hot spots.

For Entrepreneurs

PopUp @ American Tobacco is available on a rotating basis to entrepreneurs who meet the criteria described in this application form.

For specs of PopUp @ American Tobacco, click here. Photos forthcoming.

PopUp @ American Tobacco may not be right for every retail-oriented team and/or concept. We get it, setting up a popup is difficult and marketing is no cake walk. But we’re here to help. To find out how, click on these FAQs.

The Concepts

These types of concepts could fit well for entrepreneurs in our space.

Food & Beverage
Artist Studio & Gallery
Clothing & Apparel
Community Engagement


What kind of popups are a good fit?

We want to keep this as open-ended as possible so it may be better to say what isn’t a fit. Generally, we are seeking popups that will have activity almost daily for two to three weeks while in the space. So, if you are looking to do a popup that teaches art to children, we would entertain use of this space if you had classes happening almost daily.

We will not entertain popups that are politically or religiously affiliated.

How and when can I apply?

We will open applications in July of 2018 to fill the space from August through October. We anticipate a call for applicants each quarter to fill the space for the following quarter. This rolling request for applicants allows many ideas to come forward and for entrepreneurs to be able to jump in to the space at a time that is best for her/him.

Are there some basic requirements I should know before applying?

We encourage you to take a look at the application link here. You should be able to dedicate yourself full-time to the popup while it is happening at American Tobacco. You should also have a clear plan for how you will use the space and promote your business during your time. We will meet with each selected popup entrepreneur prior to their starting in the space to go over a basic list of items and ensure we are on the same page.

How much does it cost to rent the popup space?

We charge ten percent of gross revenue while you are in the space. This approach creates a natural partnership between the American Tobacco Campus and the PopUp entrepreneur–if you do well, we do well and we’ll be working to ensure your success. This rate covers the cost of all utilities as well as janitorial service of the space.

What will be my responsibilities as a popup entrepreneur?

This is your shop. You’ll be responsible for running and maintaining the store while you are operational. You are responsible for marketing the PopUp, driving customers to your space, developing special events or whatever other initiatives you have to create a successful PopUp.

What will the American Tobacco team do to help me market my popup?

We are committed to marketing the PopUp @ American Tobacco to the 3,500 employees who work on campus as well as members of the American Underground and other CBC initiatives through different channels.

What will American Tobacco ask me to do to market my popup?

We won’t dictate how you should market your popup but will want to see a clear plan for how you’ll market your business or initiative. We want to know that you’ll be joining us in actively marking your popup along with us.

In what other ways will American Tobacco support me and my popup?

We are committed to providing you with a clean and well conditioned space. We also have on campus security and ample parking.

Does Popup @ American Tobacco offer dependable wifi and cell phone coverage?

Yes–we have a robust fiber network on campus and strong cell phone service for all major carriers.


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